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CNC spot-facing, milling and drilling machines


This range of facing, drilling and threading centres is intended for workpieces of a maximum length of 5,000 mm and a weight of up to 3,000 kg.
The machines are equipped with various tooling systems.
The basic design includes standard tool heads of a lathe type to electric-type mandrels tool with tool magazines containing various types of holders from CAPTO 5, HSK 63 to HSK 100. The pictured version is equipped with a Sauter 320/8 tool head with driven tools for facing, drilling, threading and deburring of both workpiece ends. A workpiece is clamped hydraulically in clamping tables that are equipped with travel due to a wide range of workpiece lengths.
The machines are equipped with a system of automatic measuring of a workpiece with subsequent size distribution and the number of milling cycles.

Technical data
  ZAH 2000 ZAH 3000 ZAH 4000 ZAH 5000 ZAH 7000  
Operating range
clamping diameter ø 50-200 ø 50-320 mm
length of workpiece 300-2000 300-3000 300-4000 300-5000 300-7000 mm
stroke in axis X1, X2 150 mm
stroke in axis Z1, Z2 450 mm
fast feed in axis X1, X2, Z1, Z2 20 m/min
Spindle / Tool head
spindle end HSK63/HSK100  
maximum rpm 0-4000 (8000) 1/min
maximum output 18/30 kW
number of positions 2x 8 (12)  
maximum torque 300 Nm
Machine dimensions
machine dimensions (without shavings transporter) 10400/4200
weight of the machine 15 000 20 000 23 000 26 000 32 000 kg
Standard control system: SIEMENS SINUMERIK ONE (840 D-SL)