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Horizontal CNC lathes

Lathe with CNC control, slant bed, Y axis, and counter spindle.

The lathes are intended for universal and economical machining of flanges, shafts, and parts from rods.
The lathe module design, and wide portfolio of special accessories allow for performing full range of machining operations. Usage of rotation tools in the tool head allows for performing drilling and milling operations using the lathe. Excellent combination of the lathe power and high accuracy is guaranteed based on experience obtained from the lathes operation, as well as on unique design solutions of particular lathe nodes. Outstanding strength of the lathe structure, and stability of resulting dimensions during machining allow for using the lathe both in a small-lot, and specialized mass production.
The lathes have massive structure with minimum thermal deformation. Rolling guides are used for the lathe carriage movement in individual axes, and for shifting tailstock, or counter spindle, as applicable, with increased dynamic characteristics. The lathe upper carriage moves in two X and Y axes at an angle of 90°.


Technical dataTechnická data
  SP 300/400 CNC  SP 600 CNC  
operating range
swing diameter above the base 750 850 mm
swing diameter above the support 300/400 600 mm
distance between the tips – design N/L/XL 600/800 800-5000 mm
spindle end – ČSN 201006 (DIN 55026) A2–8 A2–8/11/15  
spindle drilling 90 102/165/180 mm
spindle taper 75 89/115/160 mm
rpm range 0 – 3200 0 – 2500/1650 1/min
maximum output 100% / 60% / 40% / 25% ED 17/20,5/25/29 22/27/33/40 kW
stroke in axis X, Z and Y
stroke in axis X 150/200 380 mm
stroke in axis Z 600/800 880 – 5900 mm
stroke in axis Y ± 55 ± 100 mm

fast feed in axis Z/X/Y

30/30/15 20/30/15 m/min

maximum shutting force in axis Z/X

7/7/7 12/8/7 kN
spindle end – ČSN 201006 (DIN 55026) A2-6 A2-6/8  
diameter of rod 51 mm
rpm range 0-4200 2000-3000 1/min

engine power

9/13 13/17 kW

feed in axis B

470/800 300–3000 mm
tool head – rotation tools
number of positions 12 12  
diameter of the clamping pin according to DIN 69880 VDI 40 VDI 50 mm
rpm range 0-3000 0-3000 1/min
maximum torque 8/22 22/65 kN
tailstock stroke – design N/L 400/800 750/4000 mm
quill diameter 70 110 mm
quill cone MT4 MT5  
quill stroke 80 100 mm
clamping force 1,5-4 1,5-8 kN
machine dimensions
machine dimensions (without shavings transporter) N/L 4760x2110x 2740 5300/6000/6800x2130x2235 mm
weight of the machine – design N/L 6500 – 8500 13000 – 22000 kg
standard control system SIEMENS SINUMERIK ONE (840 D-SL)