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Horizontal CNC lathes



Technical data
  SP 28 B CNC  
Working range
swing diameter above the bed Ø 780 mm
swing diameter above the carriage Ø 470 mm
distance between centres 600/800/1000 mm
Main spindle
spindle end – ČSN 201006 (DIN 55026) A2-8  
spindle bore 75/90  
spindle cone 1:20  
range of rotation speed 0-3200 1/min
main engine power 17/20,5/25/29 kW
Advance on X, Z and B-axis
stroke on X-axis 200+15 mm
stroke on Z-axis 500/700/900 mm
stroke on B-axis (lunette advance) 450/650/850 mm
fast advance on X, Z and B-axis 30/30/20 m/min
maximum advance force on X and Z-axis 7000 N
Tool Head - Actuator
number of positions 12  
clamping pin diameter according to DIN 69880 40  
dimension 25x25  
Tool head - rotary tools
number of positions 12  
clamping pin diameter according to DIN 69880 VDI 40/ BMT65  
range of rotation speed 0-3000 1/min
tailstock stroke between the centres 400-1100 mm
sleeve cone MT4/MT5  
sleeve travel 100 mm
sleeve diameter 100/160 mm
clamping force 1,5 – 8  
number of lunettes 2  
clamping diameter 8-100 mm
Automatic handling
capacity 20 – 40 pcs
time for workpiece replacement 7 – 12 s
workpiece loading diameter 20-65 mm
workpiece loading length 250-600 (500-800) mm
Machine dimensions
machine dimensions (without a chip extractor) 3973 x 3129 x 2456 mm
machine weight 6500 kg
Standard control system SIEMENS SINUMERIK ONE (840 D-SL)  


These are horizontal lathes with integrated automatic handling outside the machine‘s workspace. The handling device is adapted to the workpiece and the required capacity. Replacement is fully automated by the machine when it is called up at the end of the NC program and the NC program is automatically started after successful workpiece replacement. Workpiece replacement ranges from 7 to 14 seconds depending on the size of the parts and is carried out using pneumatic cylinders and electric motors. This concept of handling is very widespread for its serviceability and reliability. The handling device is manually movable for easy removal away from the work area. This ensures easy access to the workspace of the tool changer and possible service interventions. Machines combine simplicity of design and high performance.
In addition, the SP 28 B horizontal lathe is complemented by a controlled B axis located at the bottom of the cast iron bed for the use of hydraulic double lunette for turning long workpieces. This solution allows you to independently program the lunette position and advance speed in the Z-axis during machining and fast advance to move to the starting position when the workpiece is changed. This solution significantly increases machine utilization and shortens downtime.